What We Do

Today, most coding classes try to bring the traditional education model to teaching kids coding. This approach is akin to teaching a kid to play cricket by making a kid read a bunch of books/ lessons, and it doesn't work like that. The fact is coding & computational thinking are skills that are best learnt by trying to build something.

So Rather than spoon-feeding the kids, we want to make them think, problem-solve and innovate from the ground up. We are here to create the next generation of innovators. We have built a community of ambitious kids who do precisely that.

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Meet The Founders

This is a program for future Innovators by Innovators.

Anirudh C
VP of Engineering, Medlife
CTO, Myra Medicines

I'm the cofounder and CTO of Myra and VP Engineering at Medlife. A large part of being a founder is learning to deal with the unexpected and to solve any problem that arises, even when you don't have any prior experience with it. This skill isn't being taught in schools and people are exposed to it when they enter the workforce. At Supernova, we hope to simulate such situations so that children get familiar with dealing with the unknown.

Maharishi RB
B.Tech, IIT Madras
Lead product manager, Cleartax

I believe it's very important for kids to get exposure to computational thinking from a young age. First principled thinking & the courage to go after any problem are key traits that make kids successful when they grow up. With Supernova we hope to get kids comfortable with thinking out of the box.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I directly enrol my child for the main program?

While anyone can attend the trial session, currently we have limited seats available for the main program. So post the trial session we will get in touch with you to let you know if we would be able to accept your child for the main program based on the trial session. Therefore currently the only way to attend our main program is to go through our trial session.

How is this different from BYJUs or some other online class like that?

Supernova is not really a class or a course. We are not training kids for exams, we are rather rather training them for the real world. It is more of a thinking club where your kid meets other kids from across the country for 1 hour every weekend. During these sessions kids participate in team games, simulations, thought conundrums and case studies that are super fun and educational at at the same time. Using these unique formats we help kids develop the ability to think analytically & act with clarity in ambiguous situations -a key skill set for kids who want to build the future.

What kind of skills will my kid learn and how are these skills relevant?

Each of our games is designed to expose your child to a to a variety of domains ranging from financial literacy to morse code.

Your kid will also pick up some important skills like collaboration, communication, leadership, critical thinking, experimentation & learning from mistakes.

Where are the classes held?

A Zoom link will be sent every week via whatsapp, kids can join using the same.

Will my kid interact with other kids?

Yes, in fact the whole session is structured around thought provoking team games & simulations where your kid will collaborate with his peers. This makes kids excellent listeners and communicators.

What is the program's fee and how long is it?

The program has been priced at 2499 per month(4 sessions, scholarship available). But like we said earlier, think of this more like a thinking club that your child can be part of throughout the year. You can buy 4 session passes at a time & use them as per your convenience throughout the year. Also whenever your child is unable to make it (has exams/ you are going on a vacation etc.,) you can pause the program, and use the session passes later.

Don't know coding? No problem!

Best way to introduce your child to the world of coding & computation thinking.

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Still not convinced?

Try attending one of our FREE TRIAL sessions and decide for yourself if you want to give the Supernova experience to your child.

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